Somewhere in my teens I realized I wanted the thrill of art making to be the focus of my life. I spent a year at the Art Institute of Chicago and lost interest in school. I drifted for a few years and had the good fortune to settle in New York City in 1980.  I worked with New York artists in a Soho print shop that specialized in fine art silkscreen prints. I went on to found my own art printing business and after 20 years the profession I mastered disappeared out from under me. I discovered that 20 years of mixing and matching color and interpreting other artists’ work gave me skill sets I was unaware of. I taught myself how to paint and developed a passion for it.

Art making is my way of questioning and exploring the world. I tend to work in series and often the research is as important as the painting. My first paintings were based on the work of my late father who was a photojournalist for the Boston Globe. He died when I was 20 and it was my way of reconnecting with him and exploring his amazing work. I explored the conspiracy to assassinate Abraham Lincoln through my art. I did a series of pastel portraits of “Cult Icons” and a series of oil paintings of “Lone Nut” assassins. I did some fast loose paintings of the Vietnam War based on video stills and a series of Princess Diana’s last hours based on security camera footage. I have an ongoing interest in the Tarot and I Ching and I am currently enjoying exploring Maine through my painting.

Now in my 60’s I realize that life is a spiritual journey and my art needs to address that. I enjoy the idea that I cannot know where these explorations will lead but I do believe the best is yet to come. - Robert Preston - Arundel, Maine





One Person Shows


2018 “Question Everything” Detour Gallery – Red Bank, NJ



2015 “Tarot” Galerie Protégé – New York City, NY

2014 "Illuminaughty " Project Studios - Hoboken, NJ

2014 "Just Looking" Drawing Rooms - Jersey City, NJ

2013 “Princesses & Patsies” Proto Gallery – Hoboken, NJ

2013 “7 Deadly Sins” Arlene’s Grocery - New York City, NY

2009 “Native American Portraits” - Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, NH

2008 “The Lincoln Conspiracy” 111 Water Street Gallery - Exeter, NH

2008 “The Lincoln Conspiracy” Lawrence Academy - Groton, MA

2006 “Pigs” Loaf and Ladle Exeter - Exeter, NH

2005 “Disasters, the Ten Most Wanted - 7 Deadly Sins” Club Purgatory, Cincinnati, OH

2004 “Pigs” Gelb Art Gallery - Phillips Academy, Andover, MA

2002 “Through My Father’s Eyes” - Lawrence Heritage State Park, Lawrence, MA

2001 “Through My Father’s Eyes” & “Portraits of Lawrence” - Millart Gallery, Lawrence, MA
2000 “Disaster Show” - Roq La Rue Gallery - Seattle, WA


Group Shows

2019 “Artsfest 2019” South Amboy Arts Alliance – South Amboy, NJ

2018 “Group Show” Portland Art Gallery, Portland ME

2017 “Bloom” Parlor Gallery – Asbury Park, NJ

2015 “60 Americans” Elga Wimmer PPC – New York City, NY

2015 "Cartoonism Volume 2" Gallery 58 - Jersey City, NJ

2015 "Cartoonism" Gallery 58 - Jersey City, NJ

2015 "Art Project @ The Art House" Art House - Jersey City, NJ

2014 "The Big Small Show" Drawing Rooms - Jersey City, NJ

2014 "Art Project @ The Art House" Art House - Jersey City, NJ

2014 "Paranoia, Mind Control and the Art of Suggestion" Wonka Gallery - San Diego - CA

2014 "Monsters" Galerie Protégé - New York City - NY

2014 "Lone Nuts" Pancakes & Booze Art Show - New York City - NY

2011 “Turtle Salon” Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre - Paris, France

2010 "Unaffordable Art Fair" New York Studio Gallery - New York City, NY

2009 “Art Blast” (2 person show) Portsmouth Museum of Fine Art - Portsmouth NH

2009 “Black Pop Surrealism” Shore Institute of Contemporary Art - Long Branch, NJ

2004 “Double Feature” Lamont Gallery - Phillips Exeter Academy. Exeter, NH

2004 “32 Degrees” Group Show at George Marshall Store Gallery - York, ME

2004 “Summer Art Faculty Show”, Lamont Gallery - Phillips Exeter Academy – Exeter, NH

2003 “Violence Show” Wild Seduction Gallery - Miami FL

2003 “Juried Art Show” Essex Art Center, Award Winner (judged by Jock Reynolds current director of Yale University Art Gallery) - Lawrence, MA

2000 “True Grit” – (with Tara Misenheimer) Firehouse Gallery Newburyport, MA


Artist Talk - Detour Gallery - March 2018


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Artist Robert Preston's Native American Portraits

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